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What's for Tea?

Monday 30th January

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • To be able to re tell the story in our own words.
  • To take of the role of a familiar character.
  • To be able to compare items and talk about their size.
  • To be able to correctly sequence images from a familiar story.

Monday 23rd January

The Light House Keepers Lunch

  • To be able to build for a purpose.
  • To be able to name characters from the story.
  • To be able to re tell story in their own words.
  • To select colours for a purpose.

Monday 16th January

The Hungry Caterpillar

  • To create lists of food.
  • To create images to represent the different foods eaten by the caterpillar.
  • To use circle shapes to create images of caterpillars.
  • To count collections of foods.

Monday 9th January

Oliver's vegetables

  • To be able to talk about the appearance of a range of vegetables.
  • To mix a range of colours whilst printing with a range of vegetables.
  • To count a mixed group of objects up to ten.
  • To match quantities to the number.

Wednesday 4th January

Story: Zed's bread

  • To be able to use a range of movements to control and shape play dough.
  • To be able to name a range of different types of breads from around the world.
  • To be able, to use a range of words to describe the taste and texture of different breads.
  • To follow pictures clues to help read a recipe and sequence steps to make bread.