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Mr Boulter


What is R time?


R time is an exciting, dynamic, fun-filled Personal and Social Education programme. The emphasis is upon creating effective, respectful relationships by way of Random Pair work.

R time has been shown to improve behaviour, reduce bullying, raise self-esteem and accelerate learning.

It requires no special materials and is simple to deliver.


How we implement R time

All of the 30 activities per year group are written in a structured format and are to be simple to deliver.

R time is a programme that enables children to learn the skills of making and sustaining friends and friendships. Children learn and develop courtesy and respect to a broad range of peers and cultivate the language that makes relationships work well. Self-esteem is raised, bullying is reduced and children have a greater sense of well- being. All this is an aid to good learning.


The programme is for all Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary aged children of all abilities. It is a whole-school, every pupil programme - all children will benefit and so will the adults working with them.


The essence of the R time approach is a weekly lesson that lasts between 10 - 15 minutes and contains 6 component parts.