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Whole School Ethos of Attainment for All

Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School has an ethos of high attainment for all pupils. We believe that every child has the right to learn and that everybody should work hard to achieve, breaking down and overcoming barriers as part of the learning journey. It is our job to ensure that gaps are closed and that all pupils reach their full potential! Our assessment data shows that we are narrowing the gaps and therefore improving life chances for our children.

Addressing Behaviour and Attendance


Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School ensures effective behaviour strategies are in place, responds quickly to poor attendance and provides strong social and emotional support, including working closely with all families.

High Quality Teaching for All


Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School emphasises ‘quality first teaching’ and is working incredibly hard to secure high standards by setting high expectations of all and rigorously monitoring performance and sharing best practice.

Meeting Individual Needs


All members of the Fairmeadows teaching and learning team is committed to get to know each child really well identify each pupils’ challenges and interests. They seek the best strategies to help each pupil make the next steps in their learning. The school provides individual support for specific learning needs and group support for pupils with similar needs.

Deploying Staff Efficiently


Governors and the Senior Leadership team work effectively together in order to devolve responsibility to all teaching and learning staff. Staff are trained to a high standard to work with pupils who need the most support.

Data Driven and Responding to Evidence


Leaders and teachers use assessments to identify pupils’ learning needs, regularly review progress and address under performance quickly. This is reinforced in the six pupil progress meetings, which take place over the course of an academic year. Every action and or intervention is driven by the robust review of assessment data and work scrutiny.

Clear Responsive Leadership


Senior leaders and Governors set ever higher aspirations and lead by example. They hold all staff to account for raising attainment rather than accepting low aspirations and variable performance. School development priorities are intrinsically linked to appraisal objectives and together to ensure that outcomes are at least good.