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Our School Day

The School Day


7.30 a.m.          Breakfast Club begins (£4 per child or £2 from 8.00am)

8.20 a.m.          Supervision begins (school gates are opened)

8.30 a.m.          Children are collected from playground

8.40 a.m.          School begins/registers taken

8.45 a.m.          Collective Worship begins

8.55 a.m.          Collective Worship Ends 

10.30 a.m.        Lower School Break begins

10.45 a.m.        Lower School Break ends 

11.00 a.m.        Upper School Break begins

11.25 a.m.        Upper School Break ends 

11.40 a.m.        Lower School (KS1 and Foundation Two) Lunch time begins

12.15 p.m.        Upper School (KS2) Lunch time begins

12.30 p.m.        Lower School afternoon session begins

12.45 p.m         Foundation Two afternoon session begins

1.15 p.m.          Upper School begins

2.00 p.m.          Lower School Break begins 

2.25 p.m.          Lower School Break ends 

3.00 p.m.          End of School Day (After school club begins until 6.00 p.m).

3.10 p.m.          Regular Supervision ends



Total hours of school session = 6 hours and 35 minutes.

21 hours per week are spent on direct teaching in Lower School.

24 hours are spent on direct teaching in Upper School.

Entrance and Dismissal, Registration times, Collective Worship, break times and lunch times make up the 32.5 hour school week.




The children are grouped into three Key Stages: the Early Years Foundation Stage, Lower School (Key Stage 1) and Upper School (Key Stage 2). Within these areas there exist several combinations of groupings to cater for age, ability and aptitude.


Your child will have a pastoral teacher who is responsible for monitoring their achievement and progress and is directly concerned with the welfare of your child.  During the school day there will be contact with other adults who work as a team to provide the most appropriate education for your child including interventions, additional challenge and emotional support.


Movement between the areas is flexible depending on the needs of your child and the ratio of children to adults within the area.


Team Leaders have a responsibility to lead and manage the work of the staff and groups within their areas, as well as fostering a positive spirit throughout the school. They co-ordinate the curriculum across their teams to ensure consistency, progression and continuity.


If your child's pastoral teacher cannot solve a problem then you should discuss it with the appropriate Team Leader. In EYFS and Key Stage 1 this is Mr. Boulter and in KS2 this is Miss Bartlam.