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School Uniform

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All children attending Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School are expected to follow the school dress code established by the Governors:




          Uniform                                               PE Kit             

Red sweatshirt or cardigan                                       Team colour T-Shirt

Black skirt/pinafore                                                  Black shorts

Black  trousers                                                          Trainers

White Blouse/Polo Shirt                                            Black Jogging Bottoms

Red/White checked dress in summer                        Black Jumper

Plain Black Socks /Tights                                            

Sensible Black shoes not boots/trainers/sandals                                     


Hair Accessories

Headbands, bobbles and slides should be in school colours (red or black). They should be plain and non-decorative, i.e without large bows, flowers etc.


Long hair should be tied up; this helps tremendously with the battle against headlice.




Uniform                                                    PE Kit

Red sweatshirt or cardigan                                        Team colour T-Shirt

Black  trousers                                                           Black shorts

White Shirt/Polo Shirt                                              Trainers

Plain Black Socks                                                        Black jogging bottoms

Sensible Black shoes not boots/trainers                    Black jumper    




Extreme hairstyles, shaved patterns and colours are inappropriate for school.



One pair of plain stud earrings only


  • Clothes need effective protection for some activities in the day.  Aprons are provided but do not cover all!  An old shirt covers arms and most of the clothing.


Please mark all clothes and items with your child's name.