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R Time

At Fairmeadows we follow the three diamond rules below.


Show good manners at all times.

Follow instructions with thought and care.

Care for everyone and everything.


Children who follow the Diamond Rules in school will have a chance of being awarded one of our R Time Awards!

17th June 

Kye and Niall both achieved awards this week for working very hard in class and following the diamond rules. 

27th May 2016

Noah achieved an r time award for being so reliable when completing jobs.

Holly achieved an award for being so determined in her new swimming group. 

9th May 2016

Tate - star of the week! She achieved this for putting 100% into everything :) 


Sam got an r time award for working hard and always setting a good examples

Alisha got an award for being so helpful and looking after everything. 

29th April 2016

Ellie was awarded an award from Mrs Bell for having a positive attitude all week.

Freya impressed Mrs Hodson-Walker this week by working hard and engaging in the activities. 

15th April 2016


Daniel received an R time award after having an improved attitude towards his work this week. Keep it up!

Max had a great first week at Fairmeadows - so he also got an r time award. 

17 th March

Alisha was awarded an r time award for taking care of property from Mrs Bell.

Henry also got an award for some hard work this week from Mrs Pearce.


11th March

Tate received an r time award for being so helpful around the classroom. 

Parysa got an award for always putting so much effort into everything she does. 





26th February 

Ellie was awarded an r time award for always taking care of everything, especially her work.


Olivia got an award for always using her manners.

12th February 2016

Mrs Garner awarded Archie an r-time award for great effort this week.

Mrs Bell gave her award to Willem for great participation at our school trip this week. Following the diamond rules even out of school! 

5th February 2016

Kye and Sam both got r-time award this week for using manners and working hard. Keep it up!


15th January

Mrs Bell awarded her award to Willem fo excellent effort 

Mrs Whatley gave her R time to Alexis for being a great role-model to others. 

8th January 

Mrs Garner awarded an award to Niall for being kind and helpful.

Mrs Whatley gave her award to Holly for setting a good example to others.

Mrs Bell thought that Sean has been focusing well this week - so awarded her award to him. 

Friday 4th December

Mrs Whatley awarded her R time award to Sam for using his manners.

Mrs Bell gave hers to Alisha for looking after her own and others' property. 

Friday 27th November

This week Mrs Whatley awarded Logan the R Time award for showing respect to all adults and working hard. Well done Logan!


Mrs Bell awarded her award to Lucius, for getting on with his work well this week. 

Friday 20th November

Mrs Whatley gave her award to Millie for always following the diamond rules and setting a great example to others.


Mrs Bell gave hers to Rhys F for being helpful and often thinking of jobs before Mrs Bell has!




Friday 13th November

Mrs Whatley - Alexis Carlyon has been awarded this weeks 'R Time Award'; this is for caring for a friend when hurt and showing respect to adults within school. Well done Alexis!


Mrs Bell - James has an R time award for always following the diamond rules and being a brilliant role model to others.



Friday 6th November

Mrs Whatley - Jenson Street has been presented with this week's R Time award for encouraging others to follow our diamond rules. Well done!


Mrs Bell- Tate has been given her award for supporting another child's success!