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Roman Work


In Summer 1 we have been learning all about the Romans! We have been looking to apply our knowledge of various skills to descriptions of a gladiator fight with excellent results!

Here's how we got on!

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis


This half term, the children will be reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. So far, they have thoroughly enjoyed the book and are starting to base their writing around the events within the story.


Here are some examples of our excellent writing!


W/C 7.3.16 - Diary entries from Lucy's perspective, using inference to describe emotion.


Dear diary,

I went through an enchanting wardrobe and I fell into a pile of snow. My eyes widened and my teeth chattered. I saw a glowing lamp post in the middle of a winter scene and it was freezing. My toes were scrunched up and my lips were blue as I heard footsteps behind me...


By Bernice and Aidan


Dear diary,

Today, I saw a magical wardrobe! I had butterflies in my stomach as I climbed nervously inside. When I came out I was in a mysterious forest. My body began to shiver and my eyes widened in fear. In the middle of the snowy wood, I saw a glowing lamp post. My heart started to pound as I heard footsteps in the distance coming towards me. Suddenly, I saw a strange figure from behind me. I screamed! I struggled to stop myself from shaking. Who is this weird man?


By Jamie-Lei, Malachi, Charlie C and Lauren


Dear diary,

Today, I found a magical wardrobe and I snuck in. Inside was a magical snowy land. My teeth started to chatter and my eyes opened wide with excitement.


By Keeley


Dear diary,

Today, I found a magical wardrobe. So I crept up to it with a pounding heart. When I reached the other side, I was extremely cold. More nervous than ever, my teeth started to chatter.


By Ben and Harrison


Dear diary,

Nervously as I ran through this weird wardrobe, my teeth were chattering, my face turned red and I felt sick. When I was out of the wardrobe, I was in a winter wonderland. There it was. A glowing lamp post.


By Thomas and Dakota


Dear diary,

I walked through an enchanting wardrobe. As I walked through, my teeth were chattering and I was shivering but I was a little nervous. I saw a huge brightness shining in my eye and I went near the brightness. But as soon as I went near it, I heard huge footsteps.


By Emily and Charlie K


Dear diary,

Today I walked through a magical wardrobe and found myself in a snowy, wintry place. Then I ended up in this place that had a lamp post in the middle of a forest. When I saw that lamp post, my hands started to tremble and I had butterflies in my tummy...


By Katie and Luke A