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Hip, Hip, Hooray

Week beginning; Monday 12th December

Christmas crafts

  • What can I say, lots of cutting, sticking, glittering and painting. We will be returning your loved ones cover in one or all of the following: glitter, paint, glue and all manner of paper and bits and bobs!

Week beginning: Monday 5th December

Santa's coming
  •  To be able to use scissors to around shapes.
  • To make choices about how they arrange items when completing craft activities.
  • To share thoughts and ideas in front of the group.
  • To join in with songs and rhymes and perform these in front of others.

Week beginning: Monday 28th November

A letter to Santa

  • To create a list of things they would like from Santa.
  • To sort a collection of different shaped presents and talk about their sorting.
  • To use a different shapes to create an image.
  • To be able to name some 2D shapes.

Week beginning: Monday 21st November

​Party week!

  •  To think of lots of tasty treats you can have at a birthday party.
  • To write lists.
  • To use scissors to cut around images.
  • To play cooperatively with their friends.
  • To share resources and join in with group party games.

Week beginning: Monday 14th November

Story: Pass the Jam Jim!

  • To be able to talk about their families traditions around birthdays.
  • To be able to notice similarities between how they celebrate and how their friends celebrate.
  • To be able to notice key feature on birthday cards.
  • To be able to sing a friendship song in front of their friends.

Week beginning: Monday 7th November

Story: Bonfire Night

  • To use words like whizz, sparkle and crackle to describe fireworks they have seen.
  • To be able to talk about the different sounds fireworks make.
  • To mix a range of colours when making firework art.
  • To use instruments to create firework sounds.

Week beginning: Monday 31st October

Story: Diwali

  • To share the story of the first Diwali.
  • To notice similarities between the way families celebrate special times for example sharing food, giving cards and gifts and dressing up in our best clothes.
  • To be able to make Diwali cards and decorations.
  • To learn a new Diwali song and sing it in front of their friends,
  • To be able to talk about their preferences.