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If your child has a blue book, this is to practise spelling high frequency and tricky words. 

These are words that the children will use regularly in their everyday writing.


We will test the children every Monday

This will be done on paper and then stuck inside their blue book,

along side the list of words, so you can see how well they have done.


When practising with your child at home, please do this on spare paper or your own notebook and bring this in for show and tell. This way we can reward the children for their hard work. 


If your child has not been given a spelling book, do not worry we regularly assess the children and when we feel your child is ready for this new challenge, we will offer them the opportunity.

However, in the mean time, please take the time to work with your child on; writing their name; forming their letters; and writing simple three letter (CVC) words, using their phonics sounds. 


I have attached a document outlining the spellings for the rest of the half term, so if your child is absent for any reason they can still practise at home.