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RTime is our whole school initiative towards Relationships To IMprove Education. Every Week, we do a partner based activity based upon our 3 Diamond Rules.


Show good manners at all times
Follow instructions with thought and care

Care for everyone and everything


Every week we will choose someone who has worked hard to follow the Diamond Rules to be our RTime Champion and Person of the Week.

RTime Champion - 6th May

Reece has been very thoughtful in his choices.

RTime Champion - 29th April

Finley has been using manners and listening well.

RTime Champion - 22nd April

Luke has been so helpful and listened well.

RTime Champion - 15th March

Ethan has been listening really well at group time

RTime Champion - 18th March

Harry has been using his good manners and listened to adults and friends. Good boy!

RTime Champion - 10th March

Connor has been trying his best and doesn't say he can't do it anymore. Good boy!

RTime Champion - 4th March

Lottie uses super manners. Good girl!

RTime Champion - 26th February

Dylan thinks hard about making good choices.

RTime Champion - 19th February

Julia is so kind to her friends and grown ups.

RTime Champion - 5th February

Kai has been following instructions and helping his friends.

RTime Champion - 29th January

I like this photo-I look grumpy! Lovely manners!

RTime Champion - 22nd January

Jayden has been a super tidier this week.

RTime Champion - 15th January

Faye listens to and follows instructions.Good Girl

RTime Champion - 8th January

Lewis has been trying his best at everything!

RTime Champion - 3rd January

Violet-Mae is always keen to look after the class.

RTime Champion - 11th December

Holly is always keen to tidy up where she plays.

RTime Champion - 4th December

Zane has been listening fantastically well.

RTime Champion - 27th November

Riley has been keeping the classroom very tidy.

RTime Champion - 20th November

Castor takes care of the toys in the classroom.

RTime Champion - 13th November

Kacie is always keen to help her friends.

RTime Champion - 6th November

Amelia always makes the right choices.

RTime Champion - 23rd October

Emmie is such a good helper and friend to everyone

RTime Champion - 16th October

Roxy is such a helpful friend. Everyone says so!

RTime Champion - 9th October

Sam has a very helpful attitude.

RTime Champion - 2nd October

Toby always follows instructions well.

RTime Champion - 25th September

Hannah has been a good friend to all.

RTime Champion - 18th September

Alfie has been doing some super sharing this week.

RTime Champion - 11th September

Lily has walked through school super smartly.

RTime - working together to achieve.

Getting our RTime pairing cards.
Finding our partner.
Can I please work with you?
Discussing the task.
Taking turns to draw.
Sharing our task with our partner.
Sorting out - what is a good or bad friend?