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R Time

R Time, What is it all about?

New for this year is R Time. The children share a fun R Time activity once a week and are then encouraged to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the week. It can be as simple as looking at someone when they are talking to you or remembering to say thank you.


We have a new set of Diamond Rules which all the children, no matter how young, aspire to meet.


Diamond Rules


Show good manners at all times.

Follow instructions with thought and care.

Care for everyone and everything.


Children who follow the Diamond Rules then have a chance of being awarded one of our brand new R Time Stickers. Good look everyone!


R Time Award Winners

Monday 11th July

Morning: Well done Toby for using the RTime greeting and just being some keen and eager to do the right thing always!

Afternoon: Well done Jacob. You listened really well and so knew just what to do!

Monday 4th July

Morning: Well done Alice. Super listening and sharing.

Afternoon: Super manners Mason, well are all so proud of you!

Monday 27th June

No RTime due to transition day

Monday 20th June

No RTime due to school visit

Monday 13th June

Morning: Well done Toby. You used a great greeting at the start of the session.

Afternoon: Well done Bethany. You were great at following the instructions and sharing an idea with a friend.

Monday 6th June

Morning: Well done Archie, another super RTime lesson. You are such a great listener!

Afternoon: Lacey, what a star!. You remembered all of the RTime rules, even after the holiday!


Monday 16th May

Morning: Well done this week to Spencer. We liked the way you shared your ideas with your friend.

Afternoon: Well done to Ava. You are a great listener and so know just what to do, all of the time!

Monday 9th May

Morning: Well done to Oliver. He has been trying really hard to get a sticker for his special chart. We are really proud of you.

Afternoon: Well done to Jack. He was listening really well to the instructions today and was keen to join in with each task and share with others all that he can do.

Monday 2nd May: Bank holiday

Monday 25th April:

Morning: Well done to Archie who was able to show how well he was listening by remembering what he had just heard.

Afternoon: A super week for Eloise. She is now great at remembering some of our listening rules.

Monday 18th April:

Morning: Xavier did some super listening this week. He could remember what his partner had been talking about and share it with the group.

Afternoon: Well done Evie. I liked the way you turned to face your partner as you were talking to them.

Monday11th April:

Morning: Seth, you really cheered us up with the way you came into nursery on our first day back after the Easter holidays.

Afternoon: Well done to Ava. She was able to talk to us about the things she got up to over the Easter holidays. 


Monday 21st March:

Morning: Well done to Spencer. We were really impressed with the way you shared the outside toys, even the ones you really wanted to play with.

Afternoon: Well done Billy, you were able to listen to you partner when they were sharing their ideas.

Monday14th March

Morning: Well done to Alicia. She has been really proud of the way she can now write her name.

Afternoon: Well done to Rafe. I liked the way you helped your friend with their coat.

Monday 7th March

Morning: A super week this week for Harry.

Afternoon: Well done Jack, you have been great at sharing your favourite toys with others.

Monday 29th February

Morning: A super week this week for Spencer. After a nervous start, he really enjoyed dancing to the music.

Afternoon: Well done to Jack who is remembering that just because he loves playing in the water, not all of the other children feel the same and some even like to stay dry!!!!! 

Monday 22nd February

Morning: Well done this week to Harry for being kind to those around him.

Afternoon: Well done this week to Bethany. What a super first we at school.


Monday 8th February

Well done this week to Amelia. She really enjoyed the Chinese cooking and even had a go at using the chopsticks when eating her Chinese lunch!

Monday 1st February

Well done this week to Oliver. He joined in really well with the activity today!

Monday 25th January

Well done this week to Toby. He chose his own partner today and listened to him as he describe the bubbles.

Monday 18th January

Well done this week to Spencer. He was really good at remembering the greeting and everyone's name at the start of R Time this week.

Monday11th January

Well done to Amelia this week. She is like a little mother hen looking after the other children in the setting. She makes sure that the children have their coats on before going out and is always eager to help others with zips and buttons.

Monday 4th January

Well done this week to Oliver, our RTime award winner. He has been brilliant today, helping the new children settle in the afternoon and he has stayed at school all day!


Monday 7th December

Well done to Layton this week. He got the hang of the task really quickly and work well with his friend!!

Monday 30th November

Well done to Leia! She has a great memory and was able to remember three items in our fun memory game!!

Monday 23rd November

What a super start to the week for Seth. He was great during the R Time lesson using children's names and saying well done to those around which put a smile on their faces.

Monday 16th November

Well done to Toby. What a really polite and friendly little boy. Keep up the good work.

Monday 9th November

A super week for Archie. He was a great help when it came to sharing the morning snack with his friends.

Monday 2nd November

Well done to Spencer this week. He has remembered to use his manners at snack time saying yes please or no thank you.


Monday 19th October

Well done to Zachary this week who has remembered that when things go wrong it is best to say sorry.

Monday 12th October

A super week for Amelia who has been really kind to those around her sharing toys and helping whenever she can.

Monday 5th October

A super R time this week for Leia who remembered to use the right greeting at the start of the session and used super manners throughout! Keep it up!!!!!

Monday 28th September

Well done this week to Harry. Super joining in and listening to the ideas of those around you!

Monday 21st September

Well done to Alice Biggs. She was great at remembering the greeting at the start of the session.

In a clear voice she said 'Hello my name is Alice.'

Monday 14th September

Well done to Amelia who has found it hard to not call out. We were pleased with her because we could tell she was trying hard not to do it.

Monday 7th September

Well done to Thomas Hillier. It has been tricky getting used to our new R Time rules but Thomas tried his best to do the right thing at the right time.