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Pupil Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team

Welcome to the Pupil Leadership Team page. We are your Team Captains, Head boy and Girl. This is where you can find out more about Fairmeadows from our perspective and find out about what interests us. Read our answers to some commonly asked questions below.

What is your favourite subject?


PE - because I like getting out and exercising, playing sports with children I don't normally get to spend time with. Robbie.


Science - I like doing the different experiments and investigations. Oliver M.


Art - I like art because you can do what you want, you don't get it wrong and it keeps me calm. Connor.


Geography - I like looking for and finding out about different countries and what they're like. Shay.


Art - I don't have the proper equipment at home so it's nice to do it at school. Leah.


PE - because it gives me exercise. Oliver S.


Art - I get to express myself creatively, but not in a written way, working with all different materials. Summer.



Which subject do you think is most important for life?


Maths because it really helps you when you get to secondary school and the work is hard. Cameron.


Maths/Literacy depending on your job maths could be very important, but you have to write all the time in some jobs so Literacy could matter more. Summer.


Literacy as your spelling and handwriting can really affect your exam results when you get to GCSE's. Evie.


 Maths and Literacy because you need to use them for the rest of your life. Emilie.


Science will help you a lot because when you get to high school the science is much tougher so you need to know it. Oliver.


PE because it helps you stay healthy throughout your life, gives you confidence and means you are fitter when you get older. Robbie.


Handwriting because as you get older you need good handwriting for tests so teachers can read your answers clearly. Connor.


Maths matters most because it covers most jobs and you need it every day. Shay.

What makes Fairmeadows a good school?


We don't really have any bullies, everyone is friendly and the adults help the children, but we help each other too. Summer


We do so many sports competitions, and its good because it means we get to show pride and respect. It also helps me get to know people in the team who aren't my friends and to cooperate even when you don't really get along. It helps us to fulfil our potential.  Robbie


If you have a problem you can talk to people and the adults let you go to cool off if you have anger problems and the gates outside help keep strangers away so school is safe. Connor.


We have fun lunches and breaks, you can do more than just run around outside. Oliver M.


We don't just do Maths and Literacy - we have really nice teachers here. Emilie


People like Mr. Humphries really look after the school. Oliver


Everyone is kind to each other and we have loads of equipment. Leah.


Competitions, drama and fun!We have competitions in school that make us work as a team, like the basketball but also singing and maths competitions so everyone can be good at something. Evie.


I get along with loads of people - there are no bullies here. Shay


The teachers help sort out all sorts of problems, even things that happen out of school. Cameron.

What do you do to help the school?


I try to be nice and solve arguments. Oliver M.


Tidy the library at lunch and help others with their work when I can. Summer.


Tidy the class and look after lunchtime equipment. Leah.


Try to set a good example. Shay


Help people understand the diamond rules, or their work. Cameron.


By being fair and thinking of others first. Connor.


Help the little ones if they fall, or can't do their coats or laces. Emilie.


I have to be a role model, showing people the way to act.  Evie.


I always work hard for my team. Oliver S.


Helping others and giving them confidence to fulfil their potential. Robbie.

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