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Monday 22nd May

Story: Toy box

  • To be able to write name.
  • To be able to recognise each letter in the alphabet.
  • To be able to form numbers to 10.
  • To be able to catch a ball.
  • To be able to share ideas with a friend.

Monday 15th May

Story: Toy Soldiers

  • To be able to make a representational painting.
  • To be able to match pictures to their name by listening out for the first sound.
  • To be able to blend the sounds to read simple words like at, cat and him.
  • To be able to make sets of 10 objects.

Monday 8th May

Story: Toys at Night time

  • To be able to share ideas with a friend.
  • To be able to create their own story.
  • To be able to correctly form numbers to 9.
  • To be able to explore how colours mix when painting.

Tuesday 2nd May

Story: Teddy Bears Come Out to Play

  • To be able to use a range of words to describe the appearance of a chosen teddy bear.
  • To be able to recognise the sounds b and h.
  • To be able to recognise numbers to nine and compare two numbers and say which is the biggest.
  • To be able to out to groups of toys together and say how many altogether.

Monday 24th April

Story: Favourite Toys

  • To use the language of fewer and more when comparing quantities.
  • To take turns and share resources.
  • To be able to echo singing, sing whilst moving, order and sequence events, move expressively, take turns, follow instructions, express and communicate ideas.
  • To recognise numbers one to ten.
  • Uses familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.