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PHSE - Opinions

As a class, we discussed what an opinion is and agreed that it is OK to have differing opinions as long as an opinion does not hurt anyone either physically or emotionally. We also discussed bullying as 'physically or emotionally hurting someone again and again'. During our discussions, we decided that an opinion either for or against something should be backed up with reasoning or 'saying why we agree or disagree'. 

We set to work on a class debate. Half the class argued that 'older people cannot teach younger people anything' why the other half argued that 'older people can teach younger people lots of things'. We agreed that there would be a statement from one side of the class and a response from the other side of the class with only one person allowed to talk at a time. After a time of argument, Ashley walked down our 'conscience alley' and heard everyone's point of view. Ashley explained that there were good points raised on both sides such as: 'how can an older person teach a teenager to dab?' and 'older people have more life experience to pass on'. After walking down the alley, Ashley felt that 'older people have lots to teach younger people, although Grace's argument of 'but have you seen Mr Cox dabbing?' was a valid point!