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P.E Skills!

Spring 1



This half term, the children have been continuing their work on their gymnastic skill!

This week, they have been beginning to understand how to put small routines together.

Here's how they got on!

Autumn 2



This half term, the children have been working on their gymnastic skill! They have started to think about the different ways in which they can travel around their space as well as practicing a range of tricky balances!


Here is how the children are getting on!

Autumn 1



This half term, the children have started P.E in Year 3 by learning how to play Netball! They have worked incredibly hard at perfecting their chest pass and bounce pass technique and are continuing to practice their shooting skills. So far, their games have gone from strength to strength and here's a sneak peek at how they have been getting on!

Netball Skills!


The children have moved onto learning basketball and have developed their dribbling, passing and shooting technique! They have been thoroughly enjoying their games and are looking forward to the inter-school basketball tournament!