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Parent Questionnaire June 2017

Parent Questionnaire June 2017

Thank you so much to everyone who completed their questionnaire. It's so important to us to find out from you, which things you feel work well and which you feel could be improved upon.


We have collated all of your responses and have listed a few here.


Thanks again for your support. We really appreciate it!


  1. What does your child enjoy doing in Foundation Two?

You said:

Playing with her friends.

Building and making things.

Reading, spelling, writing, playing with toys and socialising with his friends.

Playing outside.

Learning new things.

2. How well do you feel the staff know your child?

You said:

Very well.

They seem to know him very well and give us feedback, positive and negative when necessary.

I have always had good feedback at consultations. His needs are always well met.

Extremely well.

I feel the staff know ……… extremely well.


Not sure, think we need more feedback.

We know that for some parents it can be difficult to share concerns as they arise. We are always on hand to offer support and guidance whenever needed. We can always talk over the phone at a time that is convenient for you.


3. Do you feel you have enough time to speak with the staff about your child?

You said:

Yes, always lots of time to talk to staff if needed.

If I needed to talk to staff they always make time to see me.


Yes, Miss Sims is always available to speak in the mornings and afternoons and is always very approachable.

Not always as it is sometimes rushed in the morning now that the children enter school via the playground.

Not always possible in the mornings and after school as it is very busy.


If you have any queries or wish to talk with the Foundation Two teaching team you can always telephone the school to make an appointment or leave a message through our parent to teacher messaging system and Miss Simms will get back to you promptly.

4. How much progress do you think your child has made this year?

You said:

Made a marked improvement in his overall behaviour. Very impressed with him.

Loads, his reading, writing and spelling in particular are excellent but have also noticed a great amount of progress in maths and art too!

……… has made a huge amount of progress.

Made lots of progress I all areas.

5. What do you feel about the range of learning activities?

You said:

Great, lots of variation.

I like to see the different activities on the web site.

Very good. …….. has really enjoyed the ‘special visitor’ talks recently.

Good variety, something for everyone.

…….. always seems to be well challenged and interested. He talks about school so much.

6. How do you feel about the changes we have made to the way children in Foundation Two enter the school at the start of the day and leave at the end?

You said:

Prefer the new system.

I think it is positive.

A lot better and faster to collect.

Didn’t approve at the beginning but it seems to work.

We think it’s a good idea.


I miss being able to take ……… into the classroom and see some of his work.

……… has made the transition well but I do miss seeing his work in the classroom and what they are up to.


Miss Sims puts lots of photographs on the school web site to share with parents some of the fun the children have and the learning that they engage with. Both Miss Simms and Mrs Boulter would be only too happy to invite you back into the classroom to look through your child’s work and talk through some of their achievements. Just catch them at the start or end of the day and they will arrange this as soon as possible.


7. Do you have any additional comments?




Thanks again to everyone who completed a questionnaire. All of your comments have been really appreciated!


Miss Sims and Mrs Boulter