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Parent Questionnaire June 2016

Parent Questionnaire June 2016

Thank you so much to everyone who completed their questionnaire. It's so important to us to find out from you, which things you feel work well and which you feel could be improved upon.


We have collated all of your responses and have listed a few here.


Thanks again for your support. We really appreciate it!


  1. What does your child enjoy doing in Foundation One?

You said:

He enjoys seeing his friends and teachers.

Getting messy and having fun whilst learning.

She likes to do the singing and dancing best.

He enjoys playing outside and talks about all that he did.

2. How well do you feel the staff know your child?

You said:

They take the time to get to know each child and have worked in partnership with me.

Yes and they have helped me with areas I have struggled with.

Very well, any issues I have, I know that I can speak.

I feel that teachers know .... really well. They understand his temperament, his likes and dislikes and are always interested in the things that he has to say.

The staff probably know .... just as much as I do.

3. Do you feel you have enough time to speak with the staff about your child?

You said:

Yes, they always have time to talk.

Yes, there is always an opportunity to speak with someone, before or after the session.

It is quite awkward to get a chance to speak with the staff at the start or the end of the session because they are so busy. 

We have listened and will now make sure that a member of staff will always be available to speak with parents at the start of each session in the 'white board bay'.

4. How much progress do you think your child has made this year?

You said:


Lots, she has done brilliantly this year!

He has progressed massively. We are extremely pleased with how he has come along. He enjoys learning and this is evident when he comes home and asks lots of questions.

He has come a long way in our opinion.

My child has made tremendous progress and is being helped to achieve more than was expected.

5. What do you feel about the range of learning activities?

You said:

The school have provided a great range of activities to help the children develop in a truly positive way.

I always like to see what .... has been up to by looking on the web site. He doesn't always tell me what he has been up to and so I find it really useful.

There is a vast amount of learning activities.

I like that the activities are changed every two days.

I feel there is always something different.

Lots of opportunities to learn and use their imagination.

6. Have you enjoyed the parents workshops?

You said:

Yes, they have been fun!

Useful and a good opportunity to meet other parents and chat with the teachers.

They were really helpful and we learnt a lot.

yes they were great and need to be repeated!

Would prefer to know about them via the newsletter.

I didn't know about them. Maybe a 'What's coming up this week' board in the entrance to the nursery, would be helpful.

We have listened and will now make sure that we create a space in the entrance to let parents know about events the week before they are due to take place.

7. Do you have any additional comments?

You said:

I am really happy and don't think anything can be improved.

I know that... has loved every minute of learning and growing with the staff in Foundation One.

I think Foundation One is a fantastic place!

Keep up the good work.

You all do an amazing job!


Thanks again to everyone who completed a questionnaire. All of your comments have been really appreciated!


Mrs Kirk, Mrs Cooke and Mrs Lester