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In the second half of our Spring term, the children have been beginning to write about the Vikings.


Here are some examples of adult led writing about the Vikings' perilous journey across a stormy sea!


Extract 1 - Written by Chelsea, Luke A, Callum and Keeley

Although the wind bit the vicious Vikings, they did not relent. Soon the storm began to growl as the thunder roared monstrously. Their courage began to build. Ravaging their terrifying ship, the formidable waves smashed against the warriors' shields. However, this did not stop the undefeated savages from preparing for battle.Chanting to their god, Odin, the predators prayed for victory! Suddenly, an innocent villager spotted a fire dragon. The Vikings! Quickly, the aggressive ship emerged from the ghostly fog, which was clinging to it's edges.


Extract 2 - Written by Thomas, Katie and Aidan

As the wind howled around the fearsome ship, the soggy sea warriors fought their way through the misty fog. Suddenly, the salty sea coughed water, attacking the savages. As the ship approached the stormy beach, a citizen dashed in terror to warn the residents. They all came together to build a barricade to block the Vikings from attacking.


Here's an example of a description of Yggdrasil:


Extract 1 - Written by Evie, Harrison, Paulina and Oliver


Whilst I traipsed towards the enchanted, sacred tree - called Yggdrasil - my eyes widened with amazement. As I came closer, I could hear the glistening, cascading waterfall rushing off the arms of the magical tree. Wow! Shielding the colossal statue, the peculiar, mysterious mist guarded its wealth of knowledge.


Surrounding the behemoth was a transparent pool of shimmering water. Although I hesitated, I couldn't resist tasting it. As I drank, I could feel the wisdom pulsing and flowing through my body. It felt illuminating! It was devoid of ignorance. Destroying the tranquillity was a sudden, deafening roar from another of the seven realms...

Viking Raid!



With the Year 4 children focusing on Anglo-Saxons this half term, they have started to read and write about Beowulf. The different versions of the ancient poem have inspired many of the pupils as they apply much of what they have read and adapt it to use in their own writing.

Below is some of the guided writing that they have produced in groups with an adult!