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Land of Make Believe

This week in Foundation One:

Week beginning: Monday 21st March

To be able to talk about how they celebrate Easter with their family.

To be able to choose resources to make Easter cards.

To be able to use scissors to cut paper into small pieces.

To be able to write their name.

Week beginning: Monday 14th March

To be able to name key characters from traditional stories.

To be able to say if they are 'goodies' or 'baddies'.

To be able to sort shapes into set named solid shapes and flat shapes.

To be able to use solid shapes to build their own castle.

To be able to make choices about the colours for the model dragon.

Week beginning: Monday 7th March

To be able to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using pictures.

To be able to compare the lengths of different leaves from the beanstalk.

To be able to use a range of words to describe the giant.

To be able to write their own name.

To be able to pick out two words that rhyme from a set of three.

Week beginning: Monday 29th February

To explore a range of stories about pirates such as 'Meg and the Pirates'.

To explore a range of pirate related words such as: treasure, flag, scull and cross bones.

To be able to count a set of golden coins.

To be able to balance on a plank, as the children 'walk the plank'!!!!!

Week beginning: Monday 22nd February

To share story: Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

To mix colours and talk about the changes seen.

To be able to match numbers to stars on rockets.

To be able to move rhythmically to music.