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Hip, Hip, Hooray

Week beginning: Monday 14th December

As this is our last week before we break up for Christmas things will be a bit different.

On Monday we have our visit to the Snowdome, yay!!!!!!!

On Tuesday we have our Christmas party, yay!!!!!

And in between we will be having lots of Christmas fun and games!!!!

Week beginning: Monday 7th December

  • To be able to select and choose activities.
  • To be able to follow a set of simple instructions.
  • To be able to use one handed tools and equipment.
  • To be bale to hold a pencil close to the point between three fingers.

Week beginning: Monday 30th November

  • To talk about their own experiences of Christmas.
  • To listen to and recall the main parts from a Christmas story.
  • To create a Christmas wish list.
  • To listen for the sound at the start of each word.
  • To try and use 'robot talk' for words in phonics.

Week beginning: Monday 23rd November

  • To share story books about weddings.
  • To look at wedding photos and gather information about wedding traditions in this country.
  • To talk about the types of clothes people wear at weddings.
  • To recognise that weddings in different countries and cultures are different from the ones in our country.

Week beginning: Monday 16th November

  • To think about the things we do to celebrate a birthday.
  • To talk about the feelings we have when our birthday is getting closer.
  • To plan a birthday party for a friend.
  • To play party games and sing birthday songs.

Week beginning: Monday 9th November

  • To think about why people celebrate Diwali.
  • To find out how people celebrate Diwali.
  • To learn and sing new Diwali songs.
  • To manipulate clay to make a simple thumb pot for a Diva lamp.

Week beginning: Monday 2nd November

  • To think about the different sounds fireworks make when they go up in the sky.
  • To choose and mix colours to represent fireworks in the night sky.
  • To think about the sorts of clothes we might wear if going to see a bonfire display.
  • To think about how we might keep ourselves safe when watching fireworks.