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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation 2!

What fabulous weather we had for sports day. The children worked so hard in their ‘training’ and put in so much effort on the day. Very well done everyone! There are photos and videos on the website (Children’s Pages-Gallery-July). Also check below for Bear Hunt photos after our adventure to the Wild Garden . The Learning Journeys have been sent out so please check your emails. If you have any problems please let us know. Can we please ask that you reply to the email to give feedback both good or bad so that we can continue/improve for next year’s Learning Journeys. We would really appreciate this. This will be the final update of this school year so we just want to thank you for all your support throughout the year. The children have grown so much and we know that they are looking forward to a new adventure in Year One. Have a great Summer and we will see you all in September.


Person of the Week: Thank you to Spencer for being the Person of the Week. We enjoyed playing with your very noisy dinosaur and reading your bear hunt book.


This week’s learning focus: Still looking for the bear! We will continue to look at the story of the Bear Hunt. In maths we will practise missing numbers to 20 and 100.


Every week we put a 'talk and share' and 'maths challenge' on the newsletter. Please let us know when you have a go at these and how your child gets on with them. Remember to write down any achievements on the provided post-its on the Proud Cloud display. This can be anything from helping to tidy up at home to awards children get for such things as swimming. We really want to celebrate all successes!

This week's Proud Clouds:
So many Proud Clouds this week. We will soon need a bigger webpage! Very well done to Colby for helping Dad clean the slabs ready for Cara’s new house and for doing back flips on your trampoline; Bailey who was good when he went to see 91 year old Grandma Nancy; Alfie for doing lots of housework with Mum; Lemmy for being brave on the dark rollercoaster and the Vampire ride - very scary!; Riley for helping Dad to cut down trees and move branches in the garden and for your super neat writing on Auntie Kerry’s card - we are all really proud of your efforts in writing, Riley!; Jack D for putting away your washing and making your bed; Chloe who did some super swimming all by yourself - even on your back!; Caitlin for excellent swimming and getting dressed really quickly; Finley for swimming on holiday and for not asking for things when at Morrisons with Auntie Stacy; Holly Holt for making some lovely hanging baskets with Dad; Ellie-Mae for riding those scary chairs with Dad and moving onto Stage 2 swimming; Casey for swimming with the float and for your growing confidence in the water. You also paired socks with Rafe and wrote some lovely sentences; Nicole has worked so hard on her writing - good girl; Josh E pushed Nate all the way to school in the pushchair - you must have been worn out!; Jack W has been practising his adding and taking away - excellent; Chanelle was very brave on the aeroplane to holiday even though your ears hurt and you had an awesome time; and Abbigail enjoyed helping Grandad in the garden. WOW - you have all been so busy!


Spot-ons: This week Mrs Boulter gave her spot-on to Chloe for always being a good helper to the grown-ups and her friends in F2 and always doing the right things. Mr Cox gave his spot-on to Jayden, who made a fantastic swinging chair for the 3 bears from K'Nex.

Have a super week, everyone!
Mr Cox, Mrs Boulter, Mrs Brealey and Mrs Hurst.



Let it Go

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