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Busy Bodies

Week beginning: Monday 19th October


  • To revisit naming our main body parts and know what they do.
  • Making skeleton pictures on black paper using pre-cut white bones. Placing them first then sticking them on.
  • To know which parts of our body we use when we uses our 5 senses.


Week beginning: Monday 12th October

Home time!

  • To know that your family isn’t just those people that live in your house, but your extended family too.
  • To be able to recall their daily routines which happen before they come to school each morning.
  • To recognise, name and know the use of a range of household objects.


Week beginning; Monday 5th October

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • Retelling the story
  • Ordering props from the story like the bowls and chairs
  • Decorating a bowl
  • Drawing scenes from the story on the IWB


Week beginning: Monday 28th September

What can you do?

  • Think about all of the things they like to do.
  • Listening out for rhyming words.
  • Sharing toys we like with our friends.
  • Remembering to say please and thank you.


Week beginning: Monday 21st September

Haven't you grown!

  • How do we care for a baby? How do our needs change?
  • Talking about baby photographs. Guess who, using baby photographs.
  • Making hand and foot prints.
  • Drawing around our bodies to see how we have grown.
  • Playing with the baby dolls.


Week beginning: Monday 14th September

Funny faces

  • To know that our faces can be used to show others how we feel.
  • To know that hearing is one of our senses and that we use our ears to listen.
  • Using 2D shapes to make shape pictures of our faces. Think about which shape we could use for different facial features.


Week beginning: Tuesday 8th September

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you have had a lovely summer and the poor weather didn't spoil things for you.

This week we will be getting back into school routines and making friends with the children starting this week. Our theme for this half term is called 'Busy Bodies' which means the children will be finding out about all the things we can do with our body!!!

If you have any photos showing some of the things your child gets up to at home please bring in a copy so that we can share it during circle time.