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Who has been 'spot on' in Year One?

Spot on children in Year One!


Friday 17th July

Mrs Leech chose Eli this week for his super behaviour and excellent effort during Sports Day.

I chose Josh for sports day too, as he didn't give up on the egg and spoon race, when he dropped his egg he followed the rules and picked it up with his spoon (not his hand). Well done Josh great example to the other children.


Friday 10th July

Mrs Leech picked Lily-Ella for always doing the right thing. I picked Zac for putting 100% effort into every subject and setting a good example to others whilst sitting on the carpet.


Friday 3rd July

This week my spot on was Eli. He is always doing the right thing and is a great role model for other children. In all lessons Eli always sits smartly and listens carefully. Mrs Leech's spot on was Jessica for always trying hard in all her work and showing excellent manners all week.

Friday 26th June

This week my spot on was Josh. He showed excellent catching and throwing skills during our game of rounders. Josh also puts in 100% effort in all the work he does.

Friday 19th June

This week Mrs Leech has chosen Jack for his excellent effort during their book shares. I have chosen Katelin for not giving up this week. If she finds work tricky she often gives up, but this week she has been trying his best to stick at it and have a go. Well done!

Friday 12th June

This week Mrs Leech has chosen Scarlet for her time-keeping in Phonics sessions keeping her organised.

Friday 15th May

Well it had to be Zak this week. He has moved up another reading level, again, and he tried really hard to read both analogue and digital clocks!

Friday 8th May

Wow and well done to Logan! He has made such super progress whilst I have been away. I was especially impressed with his traditional story writing this week. Keep up the good work.

Friday 24th April

Harry Parkinson is spot on for working so hard with his maths this week.

Friday 17th April

Grace Quenby for showing excellent manners

Makayla Whyman Fox for trying so hard this week 

Friday 13th March

Zac McCulloch for being a super star and putting a lot of effort into all that he does.

Friday 6th March

Aimee has helped a friend during break time when they were feeling sad.

Friday 27th February

Alorla well done for painting a beautiful picture.

Friday 20th February

Josh has been a good helper in the class.

Friday 6th February

Alex has worked so hard in our maths lessons this week.

Friday 30th January

Another appearance on the 'Spot on ' list for Charlie Hanks. She has been so keen to do extra work this week, especially maths work. Keep it up Charlie!!!!

Friday 23rd January

Well done this week to Ruby. She was able to confidently share her ideas about her poem with the whole class. Super work!

Friday 16th January

Praise this work we for Halle work was able to solve some really tricky maths measuring problems. What a clever girl!

Friday 9th January

Jessica Lee has work her socks off this week. Super writing, super reading and some great maths work too. Keep up the good work!


Friday 12th December

Mrs Leech picked Riley this week. He has been trying really hard to be a good boy and is managing just that! Such a good boy on our Christmas visit. Well done Riley!!!!

Friday 5th December

Really impressed this week with Zac McCulloch. He has worked really hard to learn his words for our sing song at the church this week. What a star!!!!.

Friday 28th November

Praise this week to Scarlet Jones. She was just wonderful at adding groups of coins together. Even when I added five pence coins into the mix, she still managed to get everything just right!!!!

Friday 21st November

What a great week this week for Hayley Andrews! She has been eager to answer lots of questions on the carpet and always a great friend to everyone. Keep it up Hayley!!!!

Friday 14th November

Well done this week to Harry Parkinson. He tried really hard with his maths work. Really impressed with his eagerness to get onto Mathletics. I think he is working hard on getting the most certificates in Year One this year.

Friday 7th November

Praise this week for Logan Saunders Bennett who tried really hard with his reading. He was great at his words too! Keeping reading lots at home.


Friday 24th October
Well done this week to Jack Pritchard. He really enjoyed our visit to Sudbury Museum. Jack impressed me with the way he answered lots of questions. Good work Jack!
Friday 17th October
A super week this week for Jessica Lee who is working hard at remembering how best to hold her pencil so that each letter looks just right!
Friday 10th October
Well done this week to Alex Hardy. He has worked so hard all week long. I was really impressed with the way he wanted to help those around him. Keep up the good work!
Friday 3rd October
Well done to Jack Pritchard. He is our first Learning Warrior which meets he sticks at his learning no matter how hard it is. Well done Jack!
Friday 26th September
This week praise goes to Charlie Hanks. She has worked her socks off all week impressing both Mrs Leech and myself. Keep up the good work!
Friday 19th September
Well done this week to Ellis Durdey. He has just joined us this week in Year One. It feels like he has been with us for ever. Welcome back to Fairmeadows!
Friday 12th September
The first spot on of the year goes to Alorla Hamilton. What a super start to Year One. Alorla has really impressed ,e this week with her reading. She was able to work out each word all be herself.