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On Wednesday 14th June, we visited Conkers.

The weather was lovely!

We explored the discovery centre; took a ride on the Conker-a-choo train;

hunted for mini beasts; and had some fun on the playground. 


Click the link above to see our photographs from the day.




On Wednesday 30th November, we visited the Hindu Temple in Derby.

We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot about the Hindu religion.


When we arrived we had to take our shoes off to show our respect.

Our tour guide told us lots of information about the deities that represent the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. We recognised Rama and Sita from the Diwali story.

On our way out of the temple, the children were given sweets and the adults were given fruit.

There was a bell that is rung on the way in and out of the temple.


We went to the Open Centre for a food tasting session and tried many different foods.


Above is a link to our photographs.