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R Time is our whole school initiative towards Relationships TImprove Education. Every Week, we do a partner based activity based upon our 3 Diamond Rules.


Show good manners at all times
Follow instructions with thought and care

Care for everyone and everything


Every week we will choose someone who has worked hard to follow the Diamond Rules to be rewarded during whole school collective worship.



Spring Term 1 


Week 1-

ER- For a great first week at school.


Week 2-

Alisha B & Rhys G- for being excellent roles models, supportive and using their own initiative.

Well done smiley


Week 3- 16.1.17

Tate Benbow-Pullen- for making good decisions and knowing the importance of telling the truth. smiley


Week 4-23.1.17

All children who worked hard at Sportshall Athletics! smiley


Week 5-30.1.17

Alisha & Daniel for excellent maths work! smiley


Week 6- 6.2.17