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Week beginning 5/5/17


Star of the week: Kai Hewitt

Hand writer of the week: Jonah Street

R Time: Seriah Webster-Gill and Toby Dolby

Week beginning 8/5/17

Star of the week: Seriah Webster Gill

Hand writer of the week: Emmie Smith

R Time: Harry Dyche and Luke Bartlem

Week beginning 27/3/17

Star of the week: Riley Richardson

Hand-writer of the week: Seriah Webster-Gill

R Time awards: Finley Gilbert and Jayden Blackburn



Week beginning 20/3/17


Star of the week: Harry Dyche

Hand-writer of the week: Ethan Belcher

R Time: Violet Glover and Sam Grew

Week beginning 13/3/17

Star of the week: Amelia Rachwal

Hand-writer of the week: Alfie Wain

R Time: John Deakin and Lily-Mae Holt

Week beginning 6/3/17


Star of the week: Jayden Blackburn

Hand writer of the week: Faye Gregory

RTime awards: Kia Hewitt and Jonah Street

Week beginning 27/2/17


Star of the week :Sam Grew

Hand writer of the week: Dylan Elks

RTime awards: Hannah Banton and Luke Bartlem

Week beginning 6th February

Star of the week: Lewis Tilley

Hand writer of the week: Holly Brown

R time awards to Finley Gilbert and Lottie Harris

Week beginning: 9th January

Star of the week: Toby Dolby

Handwriter of the Week: Violet-Mae Glover


R-Time rewards: Holly Brown for focussed writing 

                    Hannah Banton for her impeccable manners

Well done everyone!!

Week beginning: 4th January

Star of the week: Amelia Rachwal 

Hand-writer of the week: Sam Grew

R- Time rewards : Jayden Blackburn, for lovely manners

                        Kacie Fearn, for putting in so much effort


Congratulations to you all!

Week beginning: Monday 19th December

Wow, Holly you have been a total star all weeklong. Have a lovely Christmas!

Week beginning: Monday 12th December

Another brilliant week for Alfie. You are such a hard working little boy!

Week beginning: Monday 5th December

Well done Julia, you have been a total star all week long.

Week beginning: Monday 28th November

Emmie, well done for doing the right thing all of the time.

Week beginning: Monday 21st November

Faye well done for trying to do the right thing all of the time.

Week beginning Monday 14th November

Well done Violet for being kind and helpful to your friends.

Week beginning: Monday 7th November

Roxy has worked hard all week long and managed to overcome some really tricky challenges!

Week beginning: Monday 31st October

We have a super helper in Year One called Hannah. Keep it up. Well done to you.


Week beginning: Monday 17th October

Well done Kacie, you have been great this week. What star!

Week commencing the 10th October


Mrs Whatley's R Time winner was Lily-Mae for being a fantastic help, and saying she is my special helper every day!!!  Your help is much appreciated Lily Mae.


Mrs Leech spotted Lottie this week for trying her best and sitting on the carpet beautifully showing excellent listening skills.


Congratulations to:


Jonah Street who received Mrs Whatleys R-Time award for listening very carefully and for trying hard to complete his work. Keep it up!!!


Amelia Rachwal ​who received the award from Mrs Leech. Amelia has the award for always trying her best and showing she can be a lovely friend.

Our ​R Time award is a chance to celebrate a child's fantastic manners and caring nature. This award will be shared during our celebration collective worship on a Friday.

Jayden Blackburn achieved this special award during our first week back at school. This was for listening carefully to instructions and displaying wonderful manners. Well done Jayden, keep it up!
This weeks R Time person is....