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                       Physical Education Subject Champion

Miss Peace


I am Miss Peace and I am the subject champion for PE. I am passionate about PE as I believe it is a subject where children can engage in a range of different opportunities outside of the classroom. Here at Fairmeadows, we value PE within our curriculum and recognise it's important for keeping children healthy, building physical development, team skills and developing fluency in sport.




At Fairmeadows, we aspire for all children to have a rich physical education where they have many opportunities to engage in a range of sports and experiences. We deliver this not just through our PE sessions but also throughout our break, lunch time and after school provision. 


Aims and Goals


  • We value equity over equality – giving individual pupils what they need to develop and thrive, not just a blanket offer. Our ethos is to maximise the physical education, sporting opportunities and active time available to all, and make sport and active lifestyles something all our children enjoy. We see PE, active time and sport as essential to developing character, resilience, positive relationships and wellbeing.
  • We commit to giving every child access to sporting clubs, external coaches, pathways into local clubs and competitions at their level.


Each teacher will take part in in-the-moment assessment and will take opportunities to differentiate questioning to support children’s current level of understanding. Children will have feedback, every lesson, so that they are aware of how they are achieving in the session and particular sport. This is achieved through verbal feedback. Class teachers will also use assessment grids, termly, to track the physical education development of each child. 



In Reception, children will have one session of PE a week and many opportunities to develop physically through child-led play, break times and through the Squiggle You into a Writer scheme. 


In KS1 and KS2, each class will have PE twice a week and there will be a range of indoor and outdoor opportunities built from our Chris Quigley Scheme. 


All children come to school dressed in their PE kits to maximise the PE hour as there is more time to engage in the lesson. 




During 2022/2023 we have achieved our Association For Physical Education Quality Mark which represents our commitment to improving Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity. 


We have also achieved our Platinum School Sports Mark which represents our dedication to PE and how this is supported and promoted through our intra and inter school competitions for all.


Please find attached some useful documents. 



PE Longterm Planning for Each Year

Sporting Events 23-24