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How is a child identified as having a SEND?

  • The teacher continually assesses the needs of all children in their class.
  • Every child is formally assessed three times each year.
  • Meetings are held with teaching staff and the SENCO. We discuss the progress of all children and identify any children who are not making their best possible progress.
  • Interventions are then planned and set for the children.
  • These are reviewed and if a child has not responded to the intervention, we will speak to the parents.
  • In some cases, a meeting will then be set with the SENCO and referrals to relevant outside agencies may be made if necessary.
  • If a child continually requires a significant amount of support and they are not responding to interventions, they will receive an IEP support plan. In some cases the school may make an application for additional top-up funding if your child requires an significant amount of support.