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Foundation 1

Friday 3rd July


What a very hot week! It was great to see so many of the children with sun cream and wearing sun hats. There were still some children without hats. Please ensure your child brings a hat to school as we always like to go outside to learn and we want all of the children to be happy and stay safe out in the sun.


The trip to the farm was a great success. The children really enjoyed watching the pig race and building homes for the little pigs out of straw and sticks. The funniest bit was when they got blown down. Don't forget the voucher inside the book you were given. This will let you make a return visit to the adventure farm for free. Something to save for the summer holidays perhaps!


If you have any holiday snaps you would be happy to share, please could you send them in so that we can talk about them in circle time.


We are going to start a 'Proud Cloud' display. We love the one in Foundation Two so much, we decided to pinch the idea (thanks Mr Cox and Mrs Boulter). So we need your help. If your child tries something for the first time like going down a big slide or putting their own shoes on in the morning, we need to know about it. You could either write it down so that we can put it straight on the display, or just tell us and we can write it for you.

Best wishes,

Mrs Kirk