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Art & Design 


My name is Miss Hall and I am the subject leader for Art and Design at Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School. I am fascinated by many forms of art including crafts, painting, drama, poetry, mixed media and sculptures. Art expresses some of the greatest forms of creativity and I am passionate in enabling children to reach their potential in this subject.


With this in mind, we have carefully planned our art and design curriculum at Fairmeadows to offer high quality learning which engages, challenges and inspires pupils. We want to equip students with the skills and knowledge to experiment, reflect and evaluate.  We encourage children to embrace independence and originality to develop their creativity.



At Fairmeadows we strive to embed Art and Design and creativity across all subjects and every-day school life. We challenge and equip young people with the skills and knowledge required to create Art and their own artistic style as they move through the school.


Aims and Goals

We believe that the Arts and creativity is an essential part of the curriculum and should be embedded within all areas. Our goal is to provide children with the opportunity to express themselves imaginatively, master techniques by developing skills and take inspiration from a wide range of artists. We aim for every child to experience Art and DT and develop skills and ideas collectively and individually.



The national curriculum for art and design aims to ensure that all pupils:


• Use experiences and ideas as the inspiration for artwork.

• Share ideas using drawing, painting and sculpture.

• Explore a variety of techniques.

• Learn about the work of a range of artists, artisans and designers.



• Use experiences, other subjects across the curriculum and ideas as inspiration for artwork.

• Develop and share ideas in a sketchbook and in finished products.

• Improve mastery of techniques.

• Learn about the great artists, architects and designers in history.



Art and Design evidence is recorded in sketchbooks and on our online learning platform (Seesaw). Teachers assess children’s understanding, knowledge, and skill through observation during lessons.

Verbal feedback is given to children by either their peers or teacher. We encourage children to take on board feedback and be critical of their own work, highlighting their own improvements and next steps. Class teachers will also use Chris Quigley’s Depth of Learning to access the subject.


Visits and Enrichments

At Fairmeadows we think it is important to organise educational visits and visitors to enhance the teaching and learning of Art. These experiences provide valuable opportunities for learning through first- hand experience, allowing our children to make valuable experiences between what they have learned in class and their first hand experiences in the real- world.


To enrich our curriculum, we have planned a range of experiences that allow our children to express themselves creatively. We believe that it is important to celebrate creativity through our in school art gallery and artist of the term.


Documents and useful links

Please see below a selection of documents that relate to the teaching of Art and Design at Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School. If you have any questions or require any further information then please contact the school office and I will get in touch.