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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

We are delighted for you to meet the Governors of Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School. We have also placed other Governor related information that we think you may find useful in this section of the website. If you would like to see something else here, please email us using the contact details for the school.
Picture 1 Mr Andrew Reeves, Headteacher, Ex-oficio
Picture 2 Henry Murray, Chair, Co-opted Governor
Picture 3 Mrs Lindsey Page, Co-opted Governor
Picture 4 Mr Toby Boulter, Staff Governor
Picture 5 Mrs Jillian Yalden, Partnership Governor
Picture 6 Mrs Lyndsey Wain, Parent Governor
Picture 7 Mr Tony Yalden, Partnership Governor
Picture 8 Miss Kerry Stone, Parent Governor
Picture 9 LA Governor - Vacant
Picture 10 Mr Oliver Moores, Parent Governor

Information about our governing board

The structure and remit of the governing board: The Governing Board of Fairmeadows Foundation Primary school was reconstituted on 1st September 2013. The Governing Board manages academic performance and holds the headteacher and teaching staff accountable for performance. The Governing Board is responsible for developing community links and community partnerships, in addition to:

  • Assuring the quality of the educational experience for all pupils

  • Performance Management of the Headteacher

  • The monitoring of teaching and learning, curriculum delivery and school performance

  • The Quality of education experienced by pupils

    The Governing Board consist constitutes 1 Headteacher, 1 LA governor, 4 parent governors, 1 staff governor, 2 co-opted governors, 2 partnership governors and a staff representative who sits as an observer.


    Committee structure and membership: As well as the Full Governing Board there are 2 standing committees; Curriculum and Standards and Finance and Resources. In addition there is a Pay Committee, and a number of other Committees that convene as required.


    Information about our governors

    Name of the Chair of Governors: Mr Henry Murray

    Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee: Mrs Lyndsey Wain

    Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee: Mr Oliver Moores

    Chair of the Pay Committee: Mr Henry Murray

    Safeguarding Governor: Mrs Lindsey Page



The table below highlights Governor membership of the standing committees. 


Governing Body Members 2018/19


Governor Type


Term Ends

Date stepped down

Links / Roles




Mr Henry Murray














Staff appeals


FGB 100% (6/6)


Finance 86% (6/7)


Curriculum 100% (6/6)

Alison’s Early Education & Childcare Ltd – Managing Director

Mr Toby Boulter






FGB 83% (5/6)


Curriculum 100% (6/6)

Family member is a teacher




Mrs Lindsey Page











FGB 100% (6/6)


Finance 86% (6/7)


Mrs Lyndsey Wain





Curriculum Chair


FGB 83% (5/6)


Curriculum 83% (5/6)


Miss Kerry Stone






FGB 100% (5/5)


Curriculum 75% (3/4)


Mr Oliver Moores






FGB 100% (5/5)


Finance 60% (3/5)


Mr Andrew Reeves

Head Teacher







FGB 100% (6/6)


Finance 100% (7/7)


Curriculum 100% (6/6)


Mrs Jillian Yalden Partnership Governor       Finance    



Information about our associate members

Mrs Charlotte Bartlam


Committee Membership

Finance and Resources

Curriculum and Standards

Pay Committee

Lindsey Page

Henry Murray

Jillian Yalden

Oliver Moores


Lyndsey Wain

Toby Boulter

Kerry Stone

Henry Murray

Anthony Yalden

Henry Murray

Oliver Moores


The work of the Governing Board during 2016-17

Each year, Governors like to update you with what’s going on in The Governing Body of Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School. Here, the Chair of Governors and of the two Committees give you a short overview…


Full Governing Board

The Full Governing Board meet each half term to look at the strategic direction of the school, and make decisions about the plans and activities that affect the pupils, staff and parents within the school community. It is the job of the Full Governing Board to make sure that the school is providing a good standard of education for all pupils, and also to make sure that this is being done in a way that makes sensible use of the school’s finances.


Curriculum and Standards Committee

The Governing Board’s Curriculum and Standards Committee consists of five Governors and Mr Andrew Reeves. The purpose of this Committee is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school’s work around the curriculum and its provision and around pupils’ attainment and progress. This means looking at how well children do in tests at the end of Key Stages and how much improvement they make between the Key Stages.  We consider all of the pupils in the school, as well as groups of pupils, such as pupils from different backgrounds, pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) etc. We look at how well the children at our school are doing compared to other children nationally, and we also consider how well the school is doing compared to previous years.


A key priority for the Curriculum and Standards Committee is to consider how well children that are receiving extra support are making, to ensure that children are getting the help that they need when they need it. This means looking at the school’s assessment and tracking information, and receiving information about intervention programmes and Nurture groups. This year we have spent a lot of time looking at how the school is tracking children’s attainment and progress without National Curriculum Levels.

This committee also considers the Pastoral issues within the school, and has spent time this year looking at the Safeguarding Policy and the E-Safety Policy, and assessment of the new National Curriculum.


Finance and Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is made up of five Governors and Mr Andrew Reeves, and its core functions are around school finance, staffing and health and safety. The committee meets termly and each meeting begins by considering the school’s staffing, and ensuring that everyone is best placed to meet the needs of the children and the school’s community.


The Finance and Resources Committee always considers the school’s budget position, whether that be setting the annual budget for the financial year, or reviewing it throughout the year. This year, the Committee agreed the plans to spend money on continuing CPD for staff and replacement of the windows.


A key priority for the Finance and Resources Committee is to consider how to make effective use of the Pupil Premium funding that the school receives, and to ensure that this is being directed at the children that it is intended for. The committee discusses the best ways to utilise the funding, and then considers the impact the ways that this has been successful. This year, we have looked at how effective the interventions like our Nurture Group and Every Child a Talker Programme have been, and have also made the decisions to increase the hours of our Family Support Worker for our school.


In addition, the Finance and Resources Committee is responsible for ensuring that the school premises are well maintained, and that all statutory responsibilities are adhered to. Mrs Page (School Business Manager) reports to each meeting regarding the maintenance issues, and the Committee prioritises any planned works according to need and cost. A significant amount of work has been approved by the Committee this year, including the refurbishment of all external windows for the school and an imminent improvement to the roof of the school.


December 2016