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This week in Year two

Week commencing: 17th July



Children listen to and read a range of poems of different types. They choose their favourite of each type and write it out in their best handwriting. Discuss punctuation used in poetry and the features of good handwriting. Children recite their favourite poem from home.



Addition, subtraction and money

Use and recognise coins. Mental addition of 2-digit amounts using partitioning or counting up. Mental subtraction by finding a difference or counting back. Use addition and subtraction to solve 2-step money problems.


The children will focus on the construction of adverbs, adding -ly and using the adverbs in the correct context. Near homophones will also be taught.

Making adverbs by adding -ly

Adding -ly as in kindly, dropping e and adding -ly as in gently and changing y to i before adding -ly in sleepily

Near homophones such as quite, quiet, one, won, close, clothes, wander, wonder


Recycling plastics

Discuss difficulties of disposal of plastics. Look at symbols used to show which type of plastic an object is made from and find out if they can be recycled in your area. Children design posters showing how to reuse plastic bottles. Discuss use of plastic bags.