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Science Experiments!



In this half term's topic the children have been learning and forces! They have been investigating friction and exploring their initial ideas about magnets.


Here are a few photos of the children's experimentation with magnets!

Emily's Race

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Ben and Chi's Race!

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Thomas and Lily's Race!

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Chelsea and Abbie's Race!

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Katie's Idea for a new Magnet Game!

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Animals and Humans


In Science so far this half term, the children have been learning about animal and human bodies, thinking about their skeleton, muscles and diets!


21.1.16 - skeletons!

Children have been thinking about what they already know about skeletons this week. Here are a few photos of our initial ideas!

Rocks and Soils


In Science so far this half term, the children have been investigating different types of rocks. They can now use the correct scientific terminology to describe a wide variety of rocks and discuss their uses, confidently. Well done guys!


Here you can find the pictures and results of our Science experiments so far!


24.9.15 - making geodes!

Children have been learning about geode formation and we wait with baited breath to see whether we have successfully created our own!

2.10.15 - geode update!

Unfortunately, the geodes were a disaster! The children have decided on the alterations we need to make and are determined to try again. We look forward to a more successful result next time!!

2.10.15 - making fossils!

Children have been learning about fossil formation and examining a range of specimens. They have deduced what they think the fossils may have been and discussed the types of rocks in which they can be found and why. This week, the children have also started to make their own fossils and we shall see how they turn out on Thursday!

8.10.15 - making fossils!

Whilst waiting for our fossils, the children have been very enthusiastic to share their own fossil related objects and stories - which has led to many interesting discussions! Other children have even used their own time to research the topic further! So it was no surprise that the children were very excited to see how their fossils turned out after a long wait! Here are the final results...

8.10.15 - soil observations!

The children have started to consider what they might find in soil. At first, we compiled a list of things which we might expect to find in soil and discussed why. Then, the children were sent on a hunt in the wild garden to see if they were correct and if there were any surprises!