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Lesson Study

Lesson Study is a highly specified form of classroom action research focusing on the development of teacher practice knowledge. Lesson Study involves groups of teachers collaboratively planning, teaching, observing and analysing learning and teaching in ‘research lessons’.


Over a cycle of research lessons we will innovate and refine a pedagogical approach that will improve pupil’s learning and which will be shared with others both through public research lessons and shared documentation.


The outcome of this lesson study programme will hopefully be that we have found a constructive, collaborative way of impacting on the children's learning whilst encouraging innovation and team work. We may find that the Lesson Study Programme does not deliver all that we hope but we are confident that the desire, talent and commitment is present from staff to explore the possibilities inherant in the programme. It is my belief that Lesson Study could transform monitoring within school into a continuous cycle of professional development and support that will lead to something special.


Andrew Reeves