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Amazing Gladiator Descriptions!!

The children have worked incredibly hard on their gladiator descriptions, thinking about how their use of adjectives, powerful verbs and adverbs can improve their writing. They have considered carefully how to choose effective language and here are a few excerpts from their amazing descriptions!


In the sun a terrifying gladiator is trapped in prison. The hot chains burnt his dusty skin.


The fierce gladiator walked confidently to the huge Colosseum. Suddenly, he was surrounded by the sound of cheering people! His enemies looked fierce. They had shiny armour all over their body.

Written by Jack


In the scorching sun the chains rubbed on the fierce gladiator. He sweated from the sun and guards pushed the fierce warrior into the grand Colosseum.


As the warrior fought, the crowd shouted like lunatics which did make the warrior distracted. As the crowd watched him fight they noticed his eyes were darting and his body began to tremble.


Written by Robbie


In the hot, burning sun the terrifying gladiator stomped through the crowd of enemies. Suprisingly, the warrior stared at the horrifying enemies. The valiant slaves were trapped in their wooden prison.


Written by Grace


In the scorching hot sun a fierce gladiator is locked inside a wooden prison. The slave confidently strolled through the Colosseum.


The fearsome criminal let out a defeaning roar of pain as they forced him into the immense Colosseum. Suddenly, he was surrounded by the sound of the cheering crowd.


He charged into battle with his dagger clenched in his hand.


Written by Josh


In the burning sun a furious gladiator was trapped in an unbreakable, iron cage which scratched through his dirty skin.


The fearless criminal screamed like a tiger as the warrior unlocked the lock on the chains. The gladiator let the criminal out into a hallway full of a screaming crowd. He entered the Colosseum with ten vicious Roman soldiers.

Written by Jamie


In the scorching hot sun a fierce gladiator was trapped in a wooden prison...


The warrior suffered from the burning sun and the rattling, stiff and rusty chains rubbed against his dusty skin. The undefeatable, well-trained warrior let out a defeaning roar of pain as the slaves forced him into the enormous Colosseum. The fierce gladiator (who was a fearsome warrior) charged into the battlefield where the enemy was approaching...


Written by Ashley


In the scorching sun a fearsome warrior is locked insider a colossal and filthy wooden prison. The gladiator was trapped in burning, rusty chains which was rubbing against his dirty skin.


Cruelly, the brave slave was being forced into a dangerous and deadly Colosseum. The gladiator was surrounded by the sound of cheering lunatics!


Written by Kimi


In the scorching sun the fearsome slave was locked in this sharp, wooden cage. The warrior was trapped in hot, unbreakable chains which was burning against his hench, dusty and filthy skin.


The fierce criminal charged into the grand Colosseum ready to fight but was also looking into the eyes of death. Suddenly, he was surrounded by well-armoured cheering criminals.

"I'm ready" he muttered breathlessly.


Slicing through the fighter's body he became more confident with each battle. At the end of the fight he roared with pride and claimed his victory.


Written by Erynn