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Learning Warrior Reward Scheme

Learning Warrior System


To maintain the high standards of behaviour across our school, ensuring everyone is clear regarding the high expectations we have for behaviour and learning including adhering to our Diamond Rules.


We want the children of Fairmeadows to embrace positive behaviours and attitudes in school by following the scheme and doing the right thing as modelled in R-time sessions and beyond.


Our aim is to acknowledge the children who consistently make the right choices, reward those seeking to do likewise whilst motivating the remainder to improve behaviour, through upholding the school’s Diamond Rules.


There are 5 levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.


Children are assessed every half term against the criteria by the teacher. If all criteria has been consistently met then the child achieves their award. The child's parents will receive a letter of invitation to a celebration collective worship to watch their child receive their award.  Once this has been achieved the children will be working towards the next stage.


If a child has not yet met all the criteria, they will receive a working towards letter, to outline the areas still needed to be achieved.


In the unlikely event that a child demonstrates negative behaviour that does not uphold their status, a warning will be given, followed by a three strike rule, which may see a loss of their status. If a child's award is taken away for these reasons, the child will revert back to their previous award status. Any warnings and strikes that a child has is cleared at the start of every half term.



All Learning Warriors will be rewarded with a badge and a certificate which they can wear daily to identify them as a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Level student and will have their name displayed in the hall as well as on the website.


Children will receive their award (certificate and badge) in a special Learning Warrior collective worship at the end of a half term to which parents will be invited.


At the end of the academic year, for those children who have received or maintained their learning warrior status, will receive a small prize/gift from the head teacher in the summer.